Application Details  
Planner: Louise Johnston
Application No: PA297/2018
Application Type: Planning Application
Application Description: The use and development of a Renewable Energy Facility (solar farm) and associated buildings and works, removal of native vegetation, telecommunication tower and business identification signage
Properties: 137 Baringhup West Road Baringhup VIC 3463
Application Status: Referral
Counter: 241
Supporting Documentation:

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Date UploadedCommentsDocument URL
22/10/2018Application for Planning PermitView Document
22/10/2018Cover letterView Document
22/10/2018Submission - Vol I - Planning assessment -View Document
22/10/2018Submission - Cover & Contents Vol II Technical ReportsView Document
22/10/2018Certificates of titleView Document
22/10/2018Submission - Ecological AssessmentView Document
22/10/2018Submission - Glint & Glare Assessment ReportView Document
22/10/2018Submission - Environmental Management PLanView Document
22/10/2018Superceded - Economic Impact AssessmentView Document
22/10/2018Submission - Operational Noise AssessmentView Document
22/10/2018Submission - Traffic & access reportView Document
22/10/2018Submission - Consultation MaterialView Document
22/10/2018Plans - Landscape & Visual Impact Pt1View Document
22/10/2018Plans - Landscape & Visual Pt2View Document
22/10/2018Plans - Figures Vol III Pt 1View Document
22/10/2018Plans - Vol III Figures Pt2View Document
22/10/2018Submission - Geotechnical ReportView Document
24/10/2018Assigned > More Info in 60 Days > More Information : Letter Sent to applicantView Document
05/11/2018Further information requestedView Document
30/11/2018Further information providedView Document
07/12/2018amended View Document
07/12/2018Updated Vol111View Document
07/12/2018Further information requestedView Document
14/12/2018Further information providedView Document
14/12/2018Email including further informationView Document
21/12/2018Further information providedView Document
21/12/2018Delwp response Land Owner consent View Document
10/01/2019telco towerView Document
04/02/2019email to applicant - delwpView Document
07/02/2019updated Vol 111 technical reportsView Document
27/03/2019Native vegetation information View Document
11/07/2019Glint and Glare Assessment AppendixView Document
11/07/2019Glint and Glare AsessmentView Document
11/07/2019Response to PPV Acoustic QueriesView Document
11/07/2019Expert Witness Statement J AitkenView Document
11/07/2019G Taylor Fire RiskView Document
11/07/2019G Taylor Bushfire Mitigation PlanView Document
11/07/2019H Burge Photomontage RVP1View Document
11/07/2019H Burge Photomontage R4View Document
11/07/2019H Burge Landscape and Visual ImpactView Document
11/07/2019T Pitt Agricultural Assessment ReportView Document
11/07/2019Expert Witness Statement Blue Devil ConsultingView Document

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